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21 Century Furniture Ideas

The world nowadays is different, very different from what it was 20, even 10 years ago. The communications, the business making, the cooking, everything is different. One of the things in particular that amaze me most are the 3D printers. They are a rapidly growing industry allowing so many people to manufacture literally everything – from guns to furniture.

21 Century Furniture Ideas


  • 3D printed furnitures

The great thing about these is the speed and the specifications that can be made according to every client’s needs. It is so easy because of the technology used by these printers. They work with software and if the file uploaded to them says that a current object should look in a specific way they do it. On the contrary, the old way of doing it was with moulds which were then transformed into models and only then the actual product could be made. Nowadays it is all very simple and easy and most importantly we can all go and have only one or two pieces of something, not 100 and it still be profitable.

  • The negatives

The biggest printers are still not big enough for real size furniture to be made. There are one that can make chairs and small tables but if you want something bigger you will have to design it on parts and then put these together. Something like IKEA, which i think is not a bad idea.

  • The Benefits

Unique design

Fast manufacturing

Strong and long lasting materials

Endless design opportunities

Anti allergic materials

  • Junk Furniture

Don’t get me wrong here. I am not talking of spending huge money on something that is not worth it. On the contrary. Look around you. Is there something that you can use for furniture.

  • Paper furniture

These are another strange but according to me wonderful idea for making your home better looking. The great benefits of such furniture are obvious – cheap to make, eco clean, relatively strong (of course, if made properly), unique design, relevantly comfortable.

A small disadvantage is that mounting a cushion on one of these is not that easy and if you want to have a chair or sofa it hardly will be well upholstered.

Another problem that you may have will be the cleaning. Paper is hard to clean, so you may need to hire professionals every time you need this job done but without your furniture to be damaged. Fortunately, the deep cleaning companies are certified to do that kind of jobs so there is hope on the horizon.

Share your ideas and views on all these furniture!

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