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5 Weird Tip Stories

Have you ever given a tip to a waiter? Do you believe in that “10% of the bill” rule? Have you ever been tipped for your work as a waiter? Some people receive interesting tips and today i will try to tell you the strangest stories of them all.

  • Biggest tip ever

According to a rumour, the biggest tip received in the states was given by Donald Trump. The restaurant where that happened is located in LA and the bill was a little over $87. However, obviously mr. Trump was in good mood because he tipped the waiter $10 000. Later in an interview for the media the guy says that such tip made on his day but his year worthy. Obviously the man was very happy and i kind of understand why :) , kind of ( i have never been tipped 10 000 dollars).

More info here .

  • Even Bigger?!

Can we go any further than Donald Trump? YES! Even bigger amount of money was received by a waitress in Texas. For several years she served an old cranky gentlemen who was always unsatisfied by the service. However, the lady did not change her attitude and just before Christmas, when the will of the man who died several months earlier, was opened, the kind and patient lady received $50 000 and a car.

  • Johnny Depp Style

Another great and generous person is the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. He is well famous with his big heart. In 2009 he tipped a waiter $4000 after ordering some nice wine, cocktails and food. According to the waiter, Johnny Depp is well known in the whole area as one of the best clients with his big tips, soft voice and calm manner.

Here is another list with stories that show mr. Depp and other celebrities in their good side.

  • Arabian Tips

Of course, not only the US people are capable of great tips. Maybe the one best known for having a thing about big amounts of money spent fast, are the Arabs or at least the rich ones. These people are literally covered with money and they have the amazing ability to enjoy them. They know how to spend well.

  • The other side of the coin

On the other side are the people in Iceland where tips are not welcome. They are offending the people. They are considered kind of charity which these people don’t need because they are so well paid.

If you know another interesting story about tips please feel free to share it.

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