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After Holidays Cleaning Tips

No matter whether you want or not, holidays are finally over and what we have to do now is cleaning, decluttering and removing the rubbish collected during that time. I know this is not an easy task, that is why I am prepared to tell you my after holidays cleaning tips. They will help you handle every tough task without an effort. Or at least making a small one.

  • Do it now! This is an important sentence to remember. Remind it to yourself every time when the thought to postpone something comes to your mind. Yes, it is not fun to clean thoroughly the entire house but sooner or later you have to do it. Postponing only makes things worse so grab the tools you need and start right away.
  • Remove the decoration. While dismantling the Christmas tree, divide the decoration on two piles. The first one is the decoration which you like and you plan to use next year again. The second pile is the decoration, you don’t want any more. If you keep it only because you may or you may not use it and then it is only used as a junk in the basement, then you’d better throw it away.
  • Sort the gifts you received, keeping those you like and throwing away those you don’t like and you don’t plan to use. It doesn’t mean you have to put them in the trash can. You can donate or give the presents you don’t like to a friend. I strongly recommend that you should do the first thing. Giving a present from a friend to another friend is not the best idea.
  • Clean the guest rooms. Holidays are the time when many friends and relatives come to your home for several days and they probably used some of the guest rooms you cleaned in advance. Now you have to clean them again but not that thoroughly especially if the next time when you plan to use them is not soon. Why bothering cleaning a room to shine when if it is not used for months, it will get dusty again?
  • Do not forget about the living room and the kitchen. These are the two most used areas during the busy days and they are major part of the after holidays cleaning tips. Vacuum carpets and hard floors and the second ones may need cleaning with a damp mop. If you feel uncertain about carpet cleaning, you may call professional cleaning services like these: . Wipe the counter-tops and the shelves in the living room. When it comes to the kitchen, the silverware and the dish-ware you used for Christmas have to be washed and packed again.

These after holidays cleaning tips are not a recipe which is going to save you from the cleaning at all but they will help you handle everything easier. I hope they are helpful enough. Please give us a feedback if there is something we can improve in our list. This way everyone will get more useful tips next time.

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