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All Sorts of Oven Types

kitchenHave you ever thought about how different ovens can be? What can differentiate one oven from another? Is there anything, even small one, which can wake our curiosity towards ovens? The short answer is yes.

Some facts about ovens.

So, what is the biggest oven in the world?

As long as i know, one of the biggest ovens in the world is located in Bristow. It cooks ham in a minute and is so huge, it can cook 100 000 hamburgers at once.

Why would anyone need such a machine?

The huge stove is in fast food restaurant with so many clients, they cannot afford to have a smaller one. Simple, isn’t it? The machine was designed and build bespoke for them. It replaces blow torches and number of smaller ovens at once.

Worlds’s oldest home oven was found in 2010 in Bulgaria. It’s 1800 years old and the interesting fact about it is not the way it looks, works or its size but that it is located in the home of a normal people but not in a palace.

How the ovens of future will work and look like?

Solar panel ovens are a possible answer. At the moment they are mainly used outdoors for barbecuing. However, solar panels can be used for powering whole houses, so sooner or later we probably will see homes with such machines in them.

Most expansive oven in the world?

$47 000 is the price of the most expansive and luxurious stove on the planet. Porcelain, cast iron, steel and other expensive and precious materials are used for making that appliance unique and wanted. It’s often referred as “the crown jewel of luxury kitchen appliances” and it probably is.

Oven cleaning?

What is the most expensive oven cleaning in the world? The greener we go the higher the price would be. According London oven cleaners, the way to save money on oven cleaning is to use simple soapy water or to hire ordinary oven cleaners.

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