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Better Home Environment

Comfortable Interior

These days I decided to look around my house and I found that I have too few plants here. The place, if you ask me, looks nice but it misses this “alive” feeling. It is too “magazine” looking instead of cosy looking. Therefore, I decided to look around and to try improving that. So, here is what I found:

1. We need to have more ground colours in the place.
Even though some people promote the glass and steel look and the simplicity in the interior design, which I had borrowed for quite some time, in my personal view the wood and the softer colours are significant part of the home look. They are a must so that we can feel comfy. Brown and green should be placed around and in order to achieve that easier, avoid using white paint for everything, the furniture also have to have more mild and ground colours. Make the place cosier.

Ground Colours

2. Plants are essential
According to many researches, the plants inside a house have multiple effect on the people there More tips on the topic here.

  • The air is fresher and richer of oxygen
  • According to many researches, the more plants are there in the room the lower the chance for sick building syndromes are.
  • If placed properly and if the proper plants were picked, noise levels can be reduced in the place.
  • If you want to have plants in your office, they can improve the your business image. The plants give the idea that we are self-confident, trustworthy, patient and caring ect.

However, in some homes, like mine, the amount of sunlight is small so just a few plants can survive there. This of course can be changed. We can direct sunlight into the place with mirrors and If done properly our plants can have enough light to grow healthy.
Tip: be careful not to put the flowers and under strong sunlight during the summer. This may burn them as the mirrors increase the strength of the light.

Interior plants

3. Art
Some pictures on the walls, statues and pieces of art can make the place cosier and much softer and easier to digest.


4. The floor is a crucial part of the feel of the house. I personally like carpets and rugs. I think that they create warm, soft stroke to the whole environment,. They make it all look “like the old times”. More tips on that carpet topic – here .

carpeted floor

5. Light – it must be soft and warm too. There is a way to measure the softness of the light, so when buying bulbs, check the lux. It should be around 72.

Ambient Light

6. Last but not least – memories.
Now, this is maybe the strangest to explain but we all know what a place full of memories means. So, we need to try to connect a certain area and interior with positive and nice people and situations. Even if nothing else is good about the place, the nice memories will create just the right amount of comfort.

I hope that this article will give you an idea about the importance of the look of the places where we spend most of our time – offices and homes and will push you to try to improve it. Of course, if you think that you can add something, please be welcome.

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