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Blast-Proof Bins 20 Years Later

In 1993 an organization called IRA detonated a bomb in the center of London. One man was killed and 44 were injured that day ( IRA Bishopsgate Explosion ) . Since then the city officials had all the bins in the area removed. For 20 years this was no bin area because of the threat of bomb attacks. However, in the past several years the place is more popular then ever and people are visiting it not only Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 but in the weekends too. So much people on one place and no bins is a recipe for a mess and the locals decided to take measures against it. Bishopsgate councillor Tom Sleigh was informed about the situation and 20 new blast-proof bins were installed. Their design guarantees the safety of the people around in a case of blast. The bins explode vertically which minimizes the chances for injuries.

What is the plan?

In 1993 more than 2000 bins were removed from the area in attempt to make it more secure for the citizens. 20 years later such measures are no more needed and the bins are introduced on a trial basis. According to the locals the new heavy bins are safe and will help solving the problem with litter on the streets.

The carpet cleaning companies.

The carpet cleaning professionals in Bishopsgate also consider the measure acceptable by any standards. At the moment their business is flourishing but the cost for that is too high according to them. The dirty streets in the center of London are not what the professionals want to see. They think their business will hardly be effected by the new bins because of the different type of junk stored in them. Their only concerns however, are related with the price of these bins. The carpet cleaners say the bins are not the only place bombs can be placed so such spendings are not needed.

So, are the new bins in Bishopsgate needed in their current way or this is just an additional way for money spending, time will show.

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