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Books Could be Men’s Perfect Gift

Making men happy could be tricky. Some of us shoot in the dark trying to find what men like. However, if you try to give a nice book as a present, you almost surely will deliver a smile on his face.

So, today we’ll talk about several interesting books which men like and the different ways to find them.

#1 The count of Monte Cristo (The Book)

A book about the love between a man and a woman, revenge, power of will, dreams, success, murders and many more. According to most men i know this is the best book ever. It’s dynamic and celebrates real manful characteristics. Of course, at the end the good wins but the misadventures the main character goes trough are each man’s life lasting memories. A real story of how destiny grants who’s brave.

#2 Uncle Tom’s Cabin

One of the books that have changed the world. It was the reason for the civil war in America which lead to the unification of the states and abandonment of slavery. The book had polarizing and profound effect on it’s readers. Some loved it, others hated it but it didn’t leave anyone apathetic. We also must keep in mind the time when the book was released. At that point slavery was common and а contraposition against it showed bravery and full confidence in the guarded position.

# 3 The Brothers Karamazov

It shows the different sides of men and human beings as a whole. It’s a book which shows the ideal of the “Christian person” along with its most detestable and despicable sides. The story is surrounded in humor and satire. It’s a meditation on human soul. Dostoevsky finishes the book just four months before his death. The masterpiece is full of intrigue and perceptible historian backup. It shows the nuances of 19th century Russian society which makes the book an object of many debates, even back then. Today we know it as arguably, the best novel that has ever been written.

How to find these books?

Of course, most of them can be found on-line but there are people who own the books and are willing to sell them much cheaper. These people usually have huge personal libraries and have already read the books themselves. There are on-line auctions for old and used books so anyone can purchase them cheaply.

Tips: if you decide to buy an old book mind cleaning it.

How to clean a book?

Get wet wipes and rub the covers of the book very carefully without pushing too hard. Right after that, dry the book with a towel.

A soft painting brush can help for dust removing. Make sure to go with the grains of the pages. That will stop any damage that might occur.

Mold and mildew can be cleaned with dry cloth or a cloth dampen in alcohol. Then you just need to let the pages air dry.

Cleaning leather books may be a bit more intensive. Oil based cleaner might be used in order to condition the leather.

Book mites can also be a problem. Get all the books from the infected area, put them on a flat pan and “bake” them on 135 degrees for three hours. This should do the job just fine.

Hopefully, the tips were useful and you will gift a man with a nice book for the next holiday.

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