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Carpets – History, Facts and Additional Info

history of carpets

Do we really look around ourselves enough? Have you ever thought about the objects that you use on a daily bases? The carpets are one of the most common, wide spread and beautiful ways to floor the home or the office and usually we pay a lot of attention when picking them. We want them soft, beautiful and fashion, we want them to be nice in every single detail. Their history however is very little known so today i will tell you a bit more about the history of the carpets.

Well, obviously there is no sign or writing on a wall saying “today we created the first carpet” with a date and a place. It is certain however that at least 7000 BC there were certain types of wooden covers for the house floors. The mysteries of how the carpets came into existence will stay in the absence of scientific evidences. However, there are certain theories which can give us more light on the possibilities of that event.

  • The first theory suggests that the carpets were created by nomadic tribes a long time ago. They were thickly knotted in order to protect the people in their journeys and from the severe climate conditions. The reason why the carpets were made of hair is because the people were not ready to give their animals for their hides. That is how the first carpets served mainly practical purposes.
  • The advocates of the second theory claim that the beautiful carpets were created later on when the people settled and started to follow different rituals and ceremonies.

These carpets were knotted on vertical looms and were found in Siberia. They were dated 5th century BC. Obviously they had to be very thick to protect from the cold but they could not be made of hide because of the great value of the animals these days. On the other hand, the people then believed that sitting on the ground is not good so they had to sit on carpets.

The first carpets, according to some people, were created in the middle east and Asia. This however is hard to be said with 100% because of the lack of information about the early Chinese and Indian rugs.

The Pazyryk carpet was excavated from the tomb of Shiite in Altai Mountain. This is the oldest specimen of weaving in the world. The level of artisanship shows clearly that the carpets were created specially to decorate the dwellings and to make them more attractive. Such way of decorating was used until the middle 20th century in many European countries and in many eastern counties it is still used today. The carpets, as a piece of art are pinned on the walls as pictures.

Today, the carpets are mainly made of wool and synthetic materials. Some carpet cleaners test the materials before cleaning them. They do that the old school way – cut some of the carpet and burn it. If the flame is blue- the carpet is synthetic. A friend of mine who works for these guys told me that.

For more information about the carpets see these two sources – the history of carpets and origins of carpets.

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