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Cleaning Tips For Pet Hair

It’s always annoying when you just finished cleaning the whole house and you notice that pet hair is still stuck on your couch or somewhere else on your furniture. The reason that pet hair is so difficult to clean is that the static electricity makes it stick to all sorts surfaces and especially on wool fibres. Let’s see if we can use some easy cleaning methods to get rid of pet fur easily.

Many cleaners kennington advise that you get good rubber gloves and clean pet hair with them. But let’s see what you can do if you don’t want to spend any money.
First method for removing pet hair is with clear packing tape (duct tape and wide masking tape will also do). Wrap it around and across your hand with the sticky side up. The result should be something resembling a glove. Run your “gloved” hand through the places where your critters hang out. The hair should stick nicely to the tape. After the cleaning procedure take it of and throw in the trash. Wash your hands afterwards.

For the next method you’ll need a stiff bristle brush. Take a spray bottle full of clean water. Mist the place where you think the pet hair is situated. This will make it much more sticky and easy to gather. Briskly brush the hair together into a pile and throw it in the trash can.

Dryer sheets are also great with pet hair. Just buy a box and you can easily clean the pet hair with it. They don’t cost that much and are disposable.
The final method is with a thick, dense sponge. You might have noticed that hair usually gets easily stuck in a sponge and it’s pretty hard to remove it. Well, that’s exactly what we’re aiming with this sponge. Just run it through the places where you think is most of the pet hair and and it will quickly gather it.

There are also a ton of products that you can for pet hair but of course they will cost you a certain amount of money. Things like wet vacuum cleaners and special antistatic cleaning products are really great but heavy on the wallet. That’s why it’s best you try the mentioned methods.

I hope that these tips are helpful and you can easily dispose of the pet hair. And of course if you are not a fan of cleaning chores you can always call the professionals cleaning Kennington.

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