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Different View on Street Art and Graffiti


Yesterday i read that “the Russian Banksy” as some people call him – Pasha 183, is dead. This made me think about these people’s art. They are some kind of rebels that many do not understand. These men, because they are usually grown old men, make art that is social and tries to say something. In order to prove that, watch the film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” where Banksy gives interview. Here is a picture showing Banksy working and you can clearly see his ring. During the interviews in the movie, this ring is easy to see many times, so there is no doubt that this man is married. 

Banksy appears to be married.

Another example is King Robbo. He is another London writer who stopped his carried many years ago, or at least that was. This changed dramatically when Banksy pained one of Robbo’s oldest graffiti over and a huge graffiti war started. This also shows that for these people graffiti and street art is something social. There are certain rules that has to be followed and obeyed and if you are not following them, you will get sanctioned.

Another artists that i want to mention is Pasha 183 , who was the main reason for this article. According to the information, he was a 30 years old man who suddenly died yesterday. However, what he left behind is a cultural heritage for all the people. This is what street art is. His pieces represent the point of view of a generation grew up in wars and system changing. Many of these people are not especially rich but they believe in their country.

Here is my view on Street Art and Graffiti:


They are grown men

Most of the men behind this kind of art are old enough to be married and to have kids. This shows that they know what they are writing about. They see the true and try to represent it in art. They are not some teenagers, eager to let out their testosterone but smart men who simply want to display the ugly truth about our modern, western society. They write and create inspired by the real, physical world.

The Street Art is Social

Simply writing names on the street is not going to change anything but actual facts and “picture comments” on what is happening right now, right in front of us can help the people see differently, clearer.

There Are Rules

  • Even in something illegal as graffiti and street art, there are rules and idea behind the whole activity. The artists have goals and try to achieve them, so next time when you see something on the wall, try to think about the person who wrote it. It may be a 16 years old who’s simply writing things after a couple of beers but it also may be a person who tries to find himself. Someone that expresses his individuality. It also can be someone old enough to be a father of two, who’s angry about the system and tries to change it all in his own, special way. This may be vandalism against the rules but it also may be art in its finest example which represents the reality in a special way.
  • Graffiti writers do not write over other writers. If they do, this means war (a graffiti war, of course).
  • Most graffiti writers and artists do not write on monuments and important buildings. These people, who really know something about graffiti have respect to the things that are important and especially on art.

So, lets face the facts, shall we? Some street artists and graffiti writers are social and are heavily engaged with politics and problems that our society has. This is is easy to see, but the question remains – what pushed these men to do all that?

Probably it all went like this:

– they were free minded blokes decided to express themselves trough graffiti and art.

– suddenly, despite all their efforts, they became “part of the machine” – middle class workers.

– they didn’t stop thinking and fighting in their own way and in their own minds.

– they decided to show the world that they see the naked king and that the imperfections in the system are more then obvious.

So, this is how i think about these street artists and graffiti writers. However, there is a significant difference between them – one make street art, which is much more easy to digest and therefore the people and the whole society like them. The authorities went even further, they prohibited the cleaning of Banksy’s pieces. This is because they are considered art and such art deserves to be on the walls, they say.


My point here today is to show you that some of the graffiti and the art on our streets, because such artists exists in every city and in every country, may be done not by teenagers who simply want to ruin something but by people who know art, who have both life and professional experience and who want to say something loud. These men shout with their art that we have rights and that we should not stay blind for everything that is happening around us but we have to speak loud and not be afraid by the truth.

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  1. Wow that was very interesting. I am doing a report on this so thanks

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