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Don’t Get Old | Tips to Stay Young

What is the Ultimate wish of every man? To have money, to have beautiful and beloved woman next to him and not to get bald. On the flip side, the main wish of a woman is usually related to her look. She wants to stay young. With the modern technologies that is possible to a certain extend but extremely expensive.

Is there a cure for the problem?

A bunch of simple and effective methods can be used for a woman to slow the ageing process.

1. Sport

Find a sport which makes you feel good and your body can handle. It’s not a good idea to do what your friends do simply because they say it’s nice. Find your sport, practice it every week and your inner and outer body will improve. You will gain muscles, lose weight, have more energy. As a whole you will feel better.

2. Mind the food

As we all know, we are what we eat. This holds true more than you can even imagine. If you decrease the amount of fat in your meal you will lose weight but doing it for too long, will directly impact you nerve system. ( i’m speaking from my personal experience). You will become irritable. Eat vegetables, fruits, meat, bread. Try to have balanced menu and the results will come.

3. Deal with stress

-The life we live, the air we breath and even the noise around cause our bodies to age faster. There is a solution around the problem. Start practicing Yoga. It should calm you down, make you feel better.

-Go to the mountain as much as possible. If you can, spend the weekends there. Your body will appreciate it.

4. Argan oil

It’s made from the nuts of the fruit and it takes 32 kilograms of nuts to have a litre of oil. It’s homeland is Morocco but it can be found almost anywhere in the world these days. Thanks to its almost surreal qualities some women call the Argan oil liquid gold. 80% of the oil contains omega 6 fatty acid and unsaturated fats along with vitamins and even antibiotics.

How to apply argan oil?

You can use it separately by applying several drops on your clean face or by adding it to the face cream. In both cases soon you will see the results.

5. Rose oil

The perfect oil as the ancient call it. It balanced the moisture of the skin, delivers what is needed and is the perfect antiseptic. More about the rose oil HERE

So, in order to stay younger, follow some of the tips and you will achieve the Ultimate goal.

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