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Easter 2013 UK | Modern Thoughts on Easter

Most of the people in the UK are Christians and celebrate the Easter holidays. However, do we really believe in it? Do we really, truly and sincerely believe that Jesus resurrected? If the  modern way thinking does now allow us even to accept that, why do we bother celebrating Easter on the first place? What is it there that makes us colour eggs, make Easter nests and follow all the customs and traditions? 

According to me, the most important thing on Easter is to remember that the good is always in balance with the bad, that we have to be with our families and that these people are the most expensive gift that we posses. The traditions around the world are very different but the main thing is that on these days the people become kinder, they greet each other, help and give gifts. The big families come together, celebrating and smiling to the world. 

Unfortunately, there are aspects about nowadays Easter I simply despise. So, what are they? 

1. Trading

Well, we all live in capitalism societies which main idea is to make money, to earn more and have more. We know that everything on this world can be bought so that money is what we want. However, the trading and the turnovers of the big gift companies are twice or three times as higher as usual around big holidays like Christmas and Easter. For example, St. Claus was named after St. Nicholas who was a real person famous with his gifts and from there, the idea of gifting people on Christmas. This clearly shows that the nowadays holidays are designed to make us consume. It is simple trading, nothing more. The traditions these days are so different from the one in the past. These days we have to spend money for every holiday gift. We cannot simply be kind. It is not enough any more. I don’t know about you, but for me, there is nothing Christian in that.

2. Fake smiles

Even though we have to be kind, there is something very unpleasant about the smiles and the proper behaviour of most of the people around Easter. Let’s face it, we do not like each other. Smiling and being kind on a particular day, knowing that from 00.01 on midnight we will become the same “devils” to each other as before is, i think, a hypocrisy. There is sense in all that only if we help and smile to each other on daily basis. Everything else is simply a good way to keep our mind and concious calm.

3. “Blind” people

Even though we may follow all the rules and obey the traditions, a simple fact is that many people do not realise the whole idea of that. What is the point of doing something without understanding it. This is a great problem especially for people that are very into religion. The religion is based on several books and their interpretations and blindingly following every line and every letter from these books means living like a person from another century. The way to be a Christian is to be educated, modern and still kind. There are texts in the holy books that were written with a single idea to make the manipulation of the masses easier. So, when doing something  think well, decide if this is what you want and how you understand the subject and only then proceed to actions. We are people with will, god will inside each of us and we should make decisions for our lives on our own and based on our understanding.

4. Too much food

This is a common problem when the holidays come. We eat like this is the last meal in our lives. This on the other hand leads to health problems. It may be delicious and tempting, but please eat less and slower. These tips should help you celebrate and not have any regrets after.

5. Cleaning Common lies

We all “love” to welcome guests and “love” cooking but most of all “we really do not have problems with cleaning” after the holidays. This is one of the things that really stuns me when it comes to Easter celebrations. We do not want to touch anything for the whole year, but when the holidays come and our guests mention how clean the place is, we point out that between everything we are wonderful housewives. We are NOT! We all hire professional cleaners especially when we expect someone. So, there is no need to pretend.

I hope you will agree on these. I do not hate or something but try to tell the truth that we all know more than well. 

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