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Faberge – The Finest of Them All

Peacock Egg Made by


Fabergé is a name that many are familiar with. However, others know nothing about these people, so i decided to make you familiar with the history of the family and their art.

Fabergé escaped from France in the 1600 in order to avoid religious persecution. The journey ended in 1842 when Gustav Fabergé settled in St. Petersburg in Russia. The shop of the family flourished and the eldest son was sent abroad to learn the trade. In 1872 Carl took the management over the shop and during the Romanov rule. The art of the family blossomed which led to invitation for Carl to the 1882 Pan-Russian Exhibition. There, the Tzar – Alexander III saw the art of House Fabergé and was enchanted by the beauty of the displayed jewellery. In 1885 Carl was bestowed “Supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty” and was commissioned an Easter Gift for the wife of the Tzar. This is when the first of the imperial eggs of Fabergé was created.

The HEN EGG was enamel gift with hidden surprise inside which later will become Fabergé’s hallmark. The HEN EGG was simple sensation and was the first of 50 eggs made in the next 30 years for the Romanovs. This was the start of what many name “the finest jewelling era in the history”.

In 1897, one of the most famous Fabergé eggs was given as a present – CORONATION EGG. In 1900 one of the biggest sensations in the world was the international fair and the Trans-Siberian Railway, so after making the Memory of Azov Egg in order to mark the beginning of the construction, Fabergé house created the most complex of the imperial eggs Trans-Siberian Railway Egg.

In the beginning of the 20th century, the political situation in Russia was very complicated so that the house of Fabergé moved to London where the magic continued. Now, the brand is owned by american company, but it still exists along with the legacy of the Russian jewellery craftsman who made one of the most amazing pieces of jewellery in the word in the city of St. Petersburg.

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  1. faberge is waiting, what do you hold inside you, crystal flowers my mind is anticipating, tony robinson

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