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Four Recent Ridiculous Web Tendencies (To Avoid)

Do you remember what you used to do when you were 13? Was it something strange? Were there any tendencies that you followed? The modern world is a really strange place. The kids in the developed countries seems to have nothing to do, or at least they have too much spare time. This conclusion can be made by looking at their activities online, which are disturbingly many btw. Not only they are really active there but also big part of the things that they do in the virtual world are mildly said “not entirely brilliant”.

So, what are the ridiculous web trends these days?

  • Condom snorting!

OMG! This was my first reaction when i saw a video of that. It was published in a news website and it got my jaw dropped. The whole concept here is for the kids snort the condom and to take it out trough their mouths, something that some artists do. The thing here is that there are many kids around the world who do it. They do not consider it kind of expression or anything, but “crazy” and “cool” so that is why they do it. I personally do not get that, SORRY!


  • Panties on the head


It may be strange for you but it is true. In Japan, one of the strangest countries i can think of, the teenage girls, or at least some of them, wear panties on their heads. The reason is that there is a cartoon movie called “HK” where the main hero wears these as a mask. I can hardly say anything more about that. You make your own conclusions.

  • Vanilla Challenge

Another YouTube trend that many people followed for quite some time. It is basically a soap spoon of vanilla that they eat. Of course, again, it is absolutely senseless to do it. You do not prove anything, you do not achieve anything, it is not fun but still, a lot of people did it and still do it. Why? No idea.


  • Harlem Shake

This is a more recent one which you probably have heard of. These are small videos, where people stay still for several seconds and then, the video continues with a lot of people, dressed strange, doing extremely illogical moves.


Of course, if you can come up with more of these, feel free to SHARE.

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