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Furniture Market | Interior Design Improvement for Free

  We all want to make our homes look remarkably beautiful and engaging. However, we also want to spend less money in the process. The blend of style, taste and less money is what many housewives are chasing but is that really possible?

A bright idea which mixes new technologies, good will and people’s ability of collaboration is about to change the way we think about interior design.

Social networks made the revolutions in Africa possible. People who’ve met in social networks create families and some even have kids. If that is the reality such websites create, why aren’t we taking advantage of them?

The idea of a website with old furniture which the people can exchange is not new but it gathers quite a lot of popularity lately.

How it works?

Imagine that you have a great couch which is with you for over an year or even two. It looks splendid and you’ve taken proper care of it since you bought it. However, it’s not that appealing any more and you want to change it. You decide to offer your couch to someone and his/her couch to come to you in return. There are great many number of owners of nice furniture who will agree to exchange their old furniture.

What is the benefit?

If the quality and the condition of the two pieces of furnishing can be matched, then the style is what you should be concerned about. Look for colors, design and follow your initial idea.

How to make your old furniture more attractive for other people?

The hard part of exchanging furniture is to find someone who will agree to take your old couch or bed in exchange of his/her. In order to increase the circle of people ready to do it, make good impression. Cleaning is the easiest measure to take. If the material is too fine, the leather- too expensive, you’d better hire professional cleaners for the job. They can offer a huge variety of cleaning solutions and methods so that you will be sure in the positive final results.

If not, try to clean it properly and fix the cracks, if it is a leather one.

How to fix worn leather yourself?

Step 1 – clean with rubbing alcohol and cloth.

Step 2 – use very fine sandpaper to level the surface and remove scuffs.

Step 3 – apply leather paint and wait for it to dry and then apply a second layer.

Tip: The paint leather is specially made to have the right flexibility, color and durability needed.

So, if there isn’t a website for old furniture make one yourself. This is a free idea for successful business. Help people to have their homes renovated easier. If there is such a website (i couldn’t find one though) take advantage of it and swap you furniture.

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