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Getting Rid of Vomit Smell

Probably you too were  a college students, who was throwing at least once a party in your rental flat. However, being not careful enough when you are the host, could cost you the rental deposit. The chance someone to throw up on your carpets, or to say, the land-lord’s carpet. Well that happened to me, he took half of my rental deposits just to get a professional cleaning company to get rid of that vomit. Despite that three months has passed, the stench remained.

Right after the cat urine, the most unpleasant one is that from a vomit. It has been one of the most difficult odours to remove either from carpet or upholstery.

The stomach acids found in vomit cause it to cling the fibers with each other and even damage the material. Because of being clingy by nature, no matter of the vomit is being removed and with what kind of cleaning agents the carpet is treated. The vomit will linger like forever and ever. Of course with the modern technologies and developments in the cleaning industry, you can surely remove that hellish odour.

First thing is to remove the solid particulates. For that task you would need a pair of rubber gloves to pick those solids from the carpet. Put it in any kind of plastic bag, once you finish with that, throw it immediately from your home. But, if the solids are already hardened and dried, their removal will be more difficult, in this case you shall need a warm water to soak them with, in order to loosen the vomit spot.

Start to scrub the area with the vomit, with a cleaning solution and water. You could find yourself using harsh cleaning agent, so it is recommended to read the label on the carpet left from the manufacturer. Remember also to read carefully the label of the detergent that you are going to use, as it may contain bleach in it. This will weak the carpet’s fibres severely.

Take a dry cloth or towel and start absorbing all the moisture as much as possible, by applying pressure. A domestic vacuum cleaner working with water, could be come in great use in this case. What you need now is some enzymatic-based cleaner to remove the smell from the vomit. The enzymes can break down the unpleasant stench from cat urine and feces too. The area then must be thoroughly saturated. This will ensure the cleaner to soak deep into the padding and will remove any vomit odour.

In most times, a discoloration would take place on the spot where the vomit was. For perfect results, you must not try anything at all. And if I were you, I would just call some professional carpet cleaners to take care of the problem. They have everything for everything, a simple odour for their machines will not be a problem at all.

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