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How Technologies Ruined our Weekends

Do you use your smartphone a lot? Are you very much used to it? Do you think it’s possible for your phone to control your life and not vise versa?

According to a research made this year, the huge amount of stress we all experience, the fact that more and more people feel depressed and on the edge of “brain explosion” may be caused by the smartphones and the tablets. How is that possible you may ask? Let me go in depth about it and you will find out soon.

In the past we were communicating with other people trough phones, mail, faxes etc. However, the iPhone revolutionised it all. Everything on the web is now accessible easy. We can reach trough any piece of information in a matter of seconds, read it, see opinions about it, check for its reliability and share with more friends. This means that if there is a new revolutionary idea, it will be spread very fast around the world. What is bad about that, you may ask. The other side of the technologies, the Hyde of the modern civilisation, the hidden underworld of the positive and shiny reality we all know is the way these same technologies reflect on the way we spend our spare time.

How the new technologies ruined our weekends?

It all happened slowly and in the name of professionalism. In the past we all worked from Monday to Friday and were relaxing, having a break in the weekends. With the latest technologies, the managers and the directors started to check their e-mails more regularly. Then the workers started to do it the same. With the time, the thin line between working time and spare time was torn.

This is of course wonderful because of the benefits – we know what is happening and we can react fast. The sheer fact that we are constantly looking for the new messages, trying not miss or late with a response stresses us. Watching TV is a passive action. We do not need to pay so much attention to it. The smartphones the tablets etc, need our full attention all the time. We must be focused all the time 24/7 and this is not typical for our breed.

“The mass usage of smartphones and computers is closely related to depression, unsatisfaction etc,” the scientists say. We communicate more rarely with real people, we talk less, we spend less time outdoors. All of those have an immense impact on the way we feel. We are afraid to go off line, not to check the mail regularly, not be reachable from any part of the world. We think that this will put us aside from what is happening.

It won’t!

We need to be alone from time to time. We need to relax, not to think about work and problems. This is the only way to blow off some steam. There is a line between work and spare time and it exists because it is needed. What we do not need is these two to fuse.

I hope that after these tips you will be more careful about the way you spend your time and will care more for your mental and physical health by allowing yourself to relax properly, without technologies being used during that time.

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