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How to Clean in Order to Sleep Better

  Working hard means making money, isn’t it? We all want to have more of them, so big part of modern society is putting awful a lot of work on daily chores only to earn a bit extra. That is something everyone decides on its own, so I’ll not try to convince you other way. On the contrary, I would like to emphasise on how to make even more. To do so, you will need to work for longer period of time and here is my point – get as much sleep and relaxation as your body needs. Without sleep, we begin to forget, see blurry, hear less and become angrier and stressed. The sleep is essential for a human being. Most of the living organisms on the planet sleep. Even fishes sleep by switching off part of their brain while another part keeps them alive.

The amount of sleep a human needs is different for everyone. Awkwardly enough, we need close amounts of water, air and food but when it comes to sleep it all goes down to the base metabolic rate (BMR). The faster it is the more sleep we need. For instance, mice need around 14 hours of sleep where elephants need only three. Our wounds heal faster, memories improve and many more during sleep.

So how to sleep better?

  • Well, the first and most important part is to find a quite enough and comfortable place. The bed has to be flat and not very soft. Your backbone must be straight in order to relax properly.
  • The next major issue is the cleanness of the room. Even though the scientific community is still a little hazy on what impact the cleanness has, we can all report the cleaner and fresher room improves sleep immensely.

How to clean the house in order to sleep better?

  • The quality of air is the holy grail of deep sleep. The better we breath the nicer we sleep and more effective. Make sure to deal with all bad smells and dust inside. A steam cleaning machine can be very helpful. These can be hired so it should not be an issue to find one.
  • Allow enough fresh air to come in the room and also use an air cleaning machine.
  • Beat the sheets as skin flakes are major reason for asthma and bad sleep. 80% of dust inside our homes contains dead skin flakes.
  • During cleaning we get a bit tired and therefore sleep better.

See here for more benefits from cleaning.

Hopefully with these tips you will sleep better and feel more relaxed and productive.

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