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How to Clean Windows

The more we develop and the more we go further in the evolution, the more we realise how important the mother nature really is. The latest tendencies in every aspect of the modern life is to look for solutions in the nature, where the evolution had already solved them. The key here is to know where to look for. the same holds true for the cleaning in our homes and the methods used for it.

Ok, so why the cleaning of the windows may have any importance at all?

The reasons for that are several and some of them may sound a bit odd and irrational, but they are actually true.

The clean windows allow more sunlight to come in to the room and believe it or not, just that is enough to help significantly in the battle against one of the most commonly met illnesses these days – depression. We simply live lives that are demanding in society that is aggressive and offensives and achieving concrete results is everything. Of course, when we are not capable to do so, we start to feel bad and some sunlight, some nature noises and fresh air can improve our mental and physical condition immensely.

The clean windows are good for our feel and comfort inside the place. If they are dirty, they make the whole area to feel abandoned, like pigeons are nesting on the roof and are just waiting for a chance to scare a nice, blond girl chased by a murderer. If the place is an office building, such feel of little care and lack of attention to the details does not give good impression neither to the people who already have offices there and the potential new clients.

How to clean windows?

There are two mains approaches to the procedure – a green, nature friendly one(materials that can be safely dispose of to rubbish) and one that uses chemical solutions.

1. Cleaning with chemical solution

Things you will need:

  • 2 Clean cloths
  • Bucket with clean water
  • Rubber blade
  • Window cleaning solution (these can be found in any supermarket and any domestic shop)
  • Sponge

The actual cleaning will need you to act in two different stages: removing of most of the dirt and more gentle and detailed cleaning.

– Start with damped with water sponge and clean the windows from outside and inside. Try to clean the sponge as often as possible. You will see that there s quite a lot of dirt and dust on it which needed to be removed.

– The second stage is to use the cleaning solution and the rubber blade. Spray some of it on the window and try to slide the blade precisely enough in order for no trails to be left after that.

Tip: there will be quite a lot of water running down the window which you will have to dam with one of the cloths.

Once ready with all that, take the send, dry and clean cotton cloth and polish the window well. At the end of that procedure you will have nice looking and perfectly transparent windows.

Tip: some of the old types of woodwork have two parts and two levels of windows which means that you will have to open them and clean inside too.

2. Green Cleaning.


How to clean windows safely for the environment and for us?

The second type of cleaning is the green one. It is absolutely the same with the single difference that instead of the purchased cleaning solution you will use a domestic prepared one out of water, some liquid dish washer and vinegar. This solution needs to be poured in a spray bottle and applied on the dirty windows.

However, the latest technologies allow you to use super micro fibre cloth which does not need any solution to clean. it absorbs everything and can be washed in washing machines which makes it with multiple usage. So, if you want to be sure that no chemicals will be used at all, this is a great opportunity for you.

Hopefully with all these tips and even more that you can see here, the window cleaning will be easier for you.

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