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How To Prevent Candle Wax Stains

Candles make for great centrepieces or room accessories. People love to use them when relaxing, decorating for celebrations or when praying. However, candle wax can leave horrible stains on your carpets, windows and other pieces of furniture. As usual the best way to deal with stains is try and prevent them.

According to Cleaning Tolworth, there are several ways you can avoid making candle wax stains:

1. Keep candles away from drafts: A spill is inevitable, if you leave the candle at a spot with a draft, so keep it away from open windows, fans or air-conditioners.

2. Use candles holder: A candle holder is a great solution to the wax stain problem, but you need to get a vessel that is big enough for the candle. Otherwise, the wax might still spill over your favourite table cloth.

3. Buy high-quality candles: As usual the price is essential. The cheaper the candles, the more additives they contain that allows them to make harder-to-clean stains. Paraffin-based candles should contain only paraffin, stearic acid (an acid that enables the burning of the wax, so that there is nothing left to drip), colouring agents and some scented oils. Soy candles are also incredibly easy-to-clean – believe cleaners Twickenham.

4. Use a candle snuffer: You can make wax stains all over the place, even by simply blowing the candles too enthusiastically, therefore, you should try using a candle snuffer or at least a jar or a juice glass. However, using a snuffer looks much more elegant and classy. Furthermore, you won’t have to clean up accidental wax stains from the glass.

5. Wait for the wax to solidify: Never move the candle before the wax has solidified, as you might spill the wax yourself while relocating the item.

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