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How to Remove Candy from Carpets

Carpets are essential part of every home
, because they bring comfort and warmth. You will definitely need a carpet when you have kids, because they love playing on the ground and carpets will keep them safe and warm. However it is really hard to maintain and keep your carpets clean when you have kids at home. But kids love sweets and sometimes they spill them all over the clean carpets. Candies can totally mess up your carpets if not cleaned properly because the dyes that most of them contain may change the colours of the carpet. You can also damage the carpet fibre if you try to rip off the candy.

What You Should Know Before Cleaning

When facing the problem of removing and cleaning candy from a carpet you need to first make sure you know the material of the carpet you have, because different materials require different procedures for removing candies.

The most common approach starts with moisturizing the candy with cold water. Keep doing this for a while so that the sugars are dissolved and it loosen enough. Scrap as much of the candy as you can out of the carpet. For this purpose you may use a butter knife or a spoon. After you have removed the most of the candy, apply a stain remover to clean the carpet. Wet a clean towel to absorb the cleaner along with the stain. Your next step should be applying distilled white vinegar on the spot by using another clean towel. The vinegar should stay on the spot for a few moments to dissolve the leftover candy remains. If needed apply the vinegar procedure several times until the candy is completely removed.

When done with removing the spot clean the area of the carpet with clean water and rinse it several times. Blot the spot with a clean dry towel to remove the moisture and let the area dry completely.

When the area is completely dry you will be able to notice if the stain is removed entirely. If you live in London and still see parts or trances of the candy on the carpet it is recommendable to use a professional carpet cleaning service as soon as possible. They will be able to remove the whole candy and to clean the stains so that your carpet will look clean and fresh for longer. They offer the lowest carpet cleaning prices. You can even get a discount on some services. There are great deals which will save you money.

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