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How to Treat Bleach Skin Burns

Most accidents happen while bleach is being used for cleaning purposes.

Bleach is often used to deal with different types of filth and unsanitary agents at home. After all, it is very efficient but cheap cleaning solution. However, even if you use protection for your hands, accidents happen all the time and if somehow bleach reaches your skin, the consequences are very unpleasant. We will share with you some tips on how to treat bleach skin burns but we sincerely hope you’ll never have to do that.

Sure, bleach is great for cleaning procedures, even companies that provide cleaning services in London use it sometimes. But if it somehow comes in contact with your skin, it can cause disastersfrom mild skin irritation to rashes and severe chemicals burns. There are actually different formulas for bleach and some include hypochlorite which is hazardous when it comes in contact with skin. If you ever get burned by bleach, you should be treated immediately and yes, the situation is an emergency! There is a chance to get even some serious tissue damage if the bleach is too strong. Here is how you treat bleach skin burns if you can’t get any medical attention anytime soon.

You have to be absolutely sure that there is no more bleach on you. Rinsing the affected area with soap and water once might not be enough. We recommend for you to use a lot of soap and water. Wash the affected area for at least 30 minutes and then dry yourself. No matter how the affected area looks, mildly irritated or severely burned, use antiseptic cream at once! Spread it generously over the burned skin, this might be painful but it is necessary.

After exposure to bleach, the skin gets very sensitive and vulnerable so you have to make sure it doesn’t get infected. After applying the cream, you should cover it with sterile gauze. Companies that provide cleaning services in London are well aware of the effects of different detergents on skin. That is why they work so cautiously. For instance Cleaners Bermondsey – – have very strict safety regulations.

We strongly recommend for you to look for some medical help after you’ve stabilized the situation. Even after you’ve thoroughly cleaned the affected area there might be some residue still affecting your skin. Usually, when there is a chemical burn, the culprit substance saturates the skin and it can be pretty persistence. Don’t risk for things to get more complicated and look for some help as soon as possible! Also, remember that the dangerous of bleach can come from long exposure to it as well. Inhaling the fumes of bleach regularly can cause serious health issues. Always be careful how and for what you’re using bleach.

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