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Kindness and Care for Your Pet | How to Take Care of a Kitty

Kitty Cat

A few days ago my daughter brought home a small kitty. It’s cute and playful but it is too small and needs a lot of care. Of course, my kid isn’t able to deliver the care the way it’s really needed so today I’m the one whose responsibility the small cat is. This whole unexpected situation delivered me a couple of new ideas and points of view which I want to share.

What to know before bringing home a small cat?

Mind that these animals need their moms. Like it or not, they need care at the moment so if you decide to take the kitty away from its mother, you should be prepared to step in her shoes. Be sure there will be a lot of crying from the little one. The only secure way for it to be silent is to be in you hugging.

The noise is far from the final issue. Bugs, smells, broken everything, angry neighbours, a lot of cleaning and all that mixed with all the love in the world.

Once the kitty is home, visit the vet. Clean animal is the safe animal, so don’t skip medical procedures. They are a must. Make sure there are no bacteria inside and outside. This is a crucial issue to address, especially if there is a small kid or an ill person in the house. Never underestimate the diseases as well as the fleas. These can be exceptionally dangerous for your health.

How to calm down a kitty?

Hugs and fondles. It’s the ultimate weapon against angry or scared cats. Spend the time to caress and you will have it purring sweet and calm.

These are just a couple of the problems but in my opinion the most important ones which need to be addressed. Keep all of them – cleaning, calming and care  in mind and hopefully your kitty will be happy and calm and will not miss its mom that much.

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