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Living With Your Boyfriend: The Biggest Step In Life

Some people did it only once, others tried a few times until they found the perfect partner. The truth is that living with your boyfriend is not always roses and chocolate all the time. You never know if you are truly in love until you start living with your favourite person.Going out every night and having fun is one thing and doing the laundry and washing the dishes is completely different.

If you do not find a partner that will be helpful at home you better get a subscription for a weekly cleaner or prepare to work like Cindarella every single day.Unfortunately statistics show that 1 out of every 3 women is unhappy during the first few months after she moves in with a man. On the other hand, the figures for men show that they become more fond of their girlfriends and more loving exactly during this period. It’s a strange contradiction but that is why differences between sexes are sometimes so obvious.The man finds it flattering to have a beautiful housewife around him. That makes him feel more secure and helpful.

Women, though destined to be responsible for the household, feel offended if their man does not want to be involved in the house cleaning and housekeeping process. For them changing a light bulb and fixing a broken chair from time to time is not enough.Unfortunately no matter how many surveys psychologists did on the subject and no matter how many scientific works they published they are still not able to solve that puzzle.

So the question still remains to be given a response. Perhaps the most impartial witnesses are exactly those  Dagenham cleaners maids that we already mentioned because they encounter such cases every single day, but they are not qualified enough to analyze the data they have to make an assumption on the topic. One thing is for sure, though, it is really the biggest step in life to move in with a man. sometimes even bungee jumping can look more safe than that.

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