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Money or The New Religion | Clean Thoughts

What the modern society’s dream looks like? What the people these days want? What matters for us? These questions seem quite ridiculous to some but they are not asked without a certain reason. The dreams of the 21century people and the ways to achieve and the wonderful effect of cleaning (yes i know it sound strange but bare with me) in the whole procedure of self finding.

At the moment the basic fundamental of the society are the money. This is what everybody wants. We go to schools that teach us how to survive in society that was created around money. Our schools claim that this is the way it should be and that what they say is useful for the kids. However, no one in our society is not even suggesting changing the society. We are told that what we see here is the society and that we should adapt and learn more about it and then live in it. However, this is not true according to me. We need to know about the way it all works but we also have to remember that the society was and is created by people and we are the one who can change it. If we have idea that we believe in we should never be afraid to try it. We must keep our instincts that we were born with and use them during our whole life.

Having a career is a good thing but having family and enjoying the simple things in life better. As many of us simply do not enjoy their work what is left for us is to enjoy other things but work. The money are simply a tool that can help for the happiness but they cannot deliver it. We should work for our happiness and find the things that are worth being happy about – family, friends, nature etc.

How can the cleaning help?

Keep your home clean

The mess has not only physical effect on us but psychological too. It is proven that the more ordered one place is the more stimulating it is for the people in it. This is used by the military too. They demand the soldiers to fix their beds as soon as they wake up and the reason for that is the huge effect on the mind of the soldier.

Problem distraction

The cleaning is a procedure that needs some of your concentration and efforts. That is why it is the perfect way to relax after a long day at the office. The cleaning is easy to do, it takes small amount of time and can have wonderful effect on the way we feel.

If you have another way of relaxation in mind hire professionals for the job. Many of them can be found on line and they offer quality and safety. The variety of services that these professionals offer should make it all easier. On the other hand if you decide to clean on your own, check some of the tips that the different companies give on the domestic cleaning. They have special branches for each area in London like Holland Park cleaners, so the tips are always just a hand away from you.

Hopefully i was able to give you a proof that the money cannot and should not be the main goal in your life. They can bring happiness only if you know how to spend them and in no other way.

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