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Notre Dame de Paris | Cleaning and Maintenance

One of the most profitable businesses these days is the tourism. The people from all around the world spend more and more for travel and relaxation. The opportunities for places that are worthy to be visited are countless and are constantly increasing. This makes some of the already popular places even more visited as the way to visit them is easier. One the most popular sights in the world is Notre Dame de Paris. The famous cathedral is now 850 years old and it seems that it will be there for even more years to come.

However, there is one interesting question that can be asked – how this huge building, which is that old, is still where it was 850 years ago?

Well, the answer is pretty simple and it is called – maintenance. The people care about this cathedral and spend quite a lot of money on it. Actually, the budget of the cathedral for an year is 400 000 Euros which are sometimes even not enough. A team of 9 people work every day in the building, making sure that everything – to the last detail, is on its place and therefore the old building is in good condition.

But what are the things that these people do?

Cleaning is the most important one. After all these years and thanks to the time in which we live – the bad air and the acid rains etc, the condition of such structure becomes harder and harder to be kept in good condition.

There is a worker who lights the candles inside every day at 6 am. After that he starts with the cleaning of the floor and the windows and all the room inside this enormous building.

Other person takes care for the windows’ look – as they are one of the most beautiful drawn windows in whole Paris and he also makes sure that the paintings and the gold fixtures in Notre Dame are well looking.

Third person makes sure that the actual structure is well and does not need any engineering fixing. On the other hand, if it does he makes sure that the job will be done in a way that the building will become more strong and the look will not be damaged by that.

Sometimes, professional cleaners like the one in Highgate are being hired but they are not allowed to clean the old and easy to damage parts of the building. They can clean the floor or some of the new curtains as they are made of modern materials which are simple to deal with but the old ones are specially cleaned by people who are well prepared for the job.

So, thanks to such cleaners and workers, we can be a bit more sure that the future of one of the most famous cathedrals in the world which brings within itself one of the most beautiful legends will be there, untouched in the future too.

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