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Oven Cleaning Tips

Knowing well that home made meals are much healthier than fast food. More and more people nowadays do their best to cook and to prepare food for them and their kids in their homes. However, we should be honest and say that as UKers we are not the cleanest people in the world. Our homes, our cars, our clothes are a bit dirtier than the one of the italians for instance. (if you check the internet forums, you will see that i’m right, even though i do not like it too).

So, while the people in other parts of Europe have the habit to clean in their homes much more than we do, we need to try harder and pay more attention to that procedure.

So, combing both things – cooking and the lack of cleaning, shows the path to what we call ” an English Kithchen”.

How to deal with the grease and the stains easier and faster?

  • Starting with the oven in the kitchen is a good idea as this is the dirtiest place there. The proper way of doing it is by removing the door of the oven and placing it aside. (in order not to make a mess around, simply cover the floor. This is where all the grease and dirt will fall during the reassembling).
  • Remove the grill from the inside and dip it in solution of water and dish washing solution. Leave it there for about an hour. This will loose the dirt and will make it easier to clean afterwards.
  • Use a green cleaning solution for the inside of the oven. It’s obvious why this is needed.

Tip: if you decide to hire bbq professional cleaners for this job, they will come with everything needed and will guarantee the safety of your family by using only certified solutions which are harmless.

  • The top of the oven is the next thing that needs special attention. None abrasive cleaner should be used here as some ovens may be scratched during the cleaning and this not only may make them look bad but also will damage their special cover and therefore will make the oven itself function Worse.
  • After the cleaning, reassemble the oven, rinse it all well.

Now you must have a perfectly looking oven that is ready and safe to use.

If you need more tips, check this article!

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