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Posted by on Jun 14, 2013 in Carpet and Floor Care | 0 comments

Prevention is Half the Battle with Cleaning

As a small girl, my mother always said that if the key to a happy life was to actively keep all that is good and work on improving the rest. This has certainly been the motto in my life as an adult and you can easily apply it to every single situation, even cleaning, perhaps especially cleaning. What I have learned the hard way is that you have to keep your home neat and tidy, if you want to avoid cleaning it. I consider this to be the most important advice on home maintenance, so I look towards keeping the house as clean as possible. In my quest, I search for products which can enable my chance.

The slip-a design is just the thing for me. I’m not about to post pictures of it in my home, because I have made a conscious decision not to reveal that much of my personal life, but I’m really happy with the slip-a design, which is a protective mat laid when you enter the house with dirty shoes or scooter (different models for both). You park it, pull the strings back and you have the dirty item secured. Simple, but really amazing, because you don’t have to wash your floors quite as often. And it’s cheap enough to buy several.

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