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Property Changing Tips


Fire Place

The moment  is good now for buying a property. The prices are low, the levels of the interests on the loans are real, so that you can hardly expect a huge surprises in them etc. However, choosing a property and moving to it are different things and each of them must be well considered before done.

So, how to choose a property and what should be done before and while moving to it? 

Picking one apartment or house over another is not easy. So, we really need to know what we are looking for.

  • We need to know who is going to live in the place. This means planning if we are about to have kids or more kids. We need to know if we are going to expect many guests etc. All these things will determine the size of the place.
  •  Another thing are the taxes. These days they are a major issue so, knowing what we can afford is essential.  There is no point in buying something that we cannot afford and in which we are going to live for several years and will have to leave again, repeating the whole tedious and believe me, unpleasant procedure.
Apartment Interior

Tip: if you are about to buy an apartment, try very hard not to buy one on the first or the last floors. No matter how old the block is, even if it is brand new, which is maybe one of the worse case scenario, always look first for an apartment in the middle floors. the reasons for this are obvious – we can expect leaks from the roof or unpleasant surprises from beneath, if we are on the first floor. If, however, we are living in the middle, these both are not possibilities that should bother us.

Look for mould in the kitchen

Once we’ve picked the place we need to move and some pre tenancy cleaning will be needed. The reason why this is important is that we need to know where we are going so it would be better to take the control in our hands. This means cleaning on our own or hiring professional cleaners like the who can not only help us with the cleaning and with additional advices but can also be very helpful when we want to move our luggage. If we, on the other hand, do not want to use the services offered by these, we can check some of their advice blogs where they share part of their knowledge on cleaning and moving so that we can perform it all on our own.

Tips on pre-tenancy cleaning:

  • Look for mould around the house. Usually you can sense it but sometimes the house owners cover it. If you spot even a bit of it, do not hesitate but leave. Having some now, means having a lot during rain and this is not good.
  • Ask about the neighbours or try to find out what kind of people they are. There is a saying – no one can choose his neighbours but we really have to try to do so.
  • Electrical system should not be old. Make sure that it is new or at least reliable because later on, it may create a lot of headaches.
So, with these simple tips the moving to another house or purchasing a home should be easier. Advices on the ways to get a loan i cannot give, so this is up to you to find out but what i can tell you is not to cut corners in any way. Give your best now because it is worth it.
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