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Safety Tips for Your Baby

What is the most amazing and joy-delivering event that can happen to us? The birth of our child, of course. Nothing compares to that precious moment in terms of positive emotions. Unfortunately, right away there is a problem – child safety!

How to make the home safe for a newborn?

We are all happy to receive hand-me-down baby items from friends and relatives. There is nothing wrong with the practice except that they might be unsafe. Saving money in such a way is not the brightest idea, so my personal advice is to be extremely picky when receiving clothes and toys from other parents. You might also want to check if the baby’s crib covers the safety standards set by the government.

– Pillows, blankets and stuffed animals should be removed from the crib. Make sure to prevent your kid from suffocation.

– You need smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for your home. If you already have them installed, check if they are functioning properly.

– Emergency numbers should be placed next to each phone in the house along with the numbers of members of the family. In case of emergency these are the people we should call first after calling 112. An important tip is to have at least one phone connected by land line. In case of emergency when the power is out, cordless phones don’t work.

– Handrail installations for the stairs are important and we must have them in our homes.

Except the safety measures allowing you to react adequately during an emergency, measures can be taken for the baby itself to be safe if its guardian angel (you) isn’t around.

– outlet plugs should cover unused sockets in the house.

– All chords around should be out of baby’s reach.

– Babies love to pull cables and sometimes, their weak hands can cause unexpectedly big damage. Make sure to prevent that from happening by placing TVs, lamps, phones far enough and out of baby’s hands reach.

– Corners and sharp edges need protective padding in order to keep the child far from trouble.

– safety gates installed at bottom and top of stairwells should stop kids from reaching dangerous, for their health, rooms.

– all cleaning products, sharp objects and medicines must be on the highest shelves out of reach of the curious and nimble child’s fingers.

– small objects that may be swallowed should be removed.


If you decide to repaint the child’s crib do it early enough and with naturally safe paint. The paint vapors aren’t the best treatment for children’s lungs. Buy an air cleaning machine to deal with bad smells, dust and bacteria too. Make sure to have the kitchen clean enough for the safety of the newborn. Avoid long trips during the first several months. Your kid isn’t still with strong enough immune system.

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Hopefully, some of these tips will appear useful to you when The Day comes.

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  1. Keeping your home safe is of the utmost importance. Your baby will be eager to interact and learn all about the new environment he or she has been placed in. By keeping your house safe and welcoming for your new child, you can avoid dangerous accidents and mishaps.

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