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Posted by on May 20, 2013 in Kitchen Cleaning | 1 comment

Self-Made Kitchen

Often times we decide to hire professionals for each job that needs to be done in our homes and there is of course, nothing wrong with that. However, saving money is an issue we face these days and it is just as important. So, is there a way to have our homes to look pretty without hiring professionals? Can we achieve the “magazine look” we all want on our own or we must have the professional help of experienced personnel for everything?

Here are some tips on how to design, manufacture and improve your Self-Made kitchen entirely on your own.

  • Designing the kitchen

Many ways of making the design exist. You can draw it, you can simply sketch it or only have it in your mind. What i recommend however, is to use designing software to have the job done properly. Of course, doing it all on the computer means paying for software, spending time on learning that software etc. At the end of the day all these efforts will pay off in making only one kitchen and then hey will not be useful any more. So, use Google SketchUp. This is free software from Google that helps a lot and gives a wonderful idea of how your house, rooms, furniture, including kitchen may look like. There are many tutorials on-line which show all the different options and alternatives that the software delivers, so learning the program will also take just some of your time.

Google SketchUp tutorials here !

  • Building the kitchen

Two main ways to have your design turned into reality

1. Build the whole project on your own. I personally don’t recommend that if you do not have a workshop and the needed tools. Buying all of these specially with the purpose of building your own kitchen is senseless and too expensive. On top of that, carving wood, cutting stones, fixing cabinets etc, needs you to have skills which are usually built with years. If you aren’t that skilful and you are completely inexperienced, you’d better take advantage of step two.

2. Hiring professional carpenter

It is not very easy to find a trust worthy professional these days but if you go on-line, check the forums, make a small consultation with friends, i’m sure you’ll find your man.

The thin moment when having someone doing the project for you is to explain what exactly do you want and to check the process constantly to be sure that every single step is being made just the way you want it. Do not hope that the carpenter will get you right away. This won’t happen. You’ll need to explain everything(several times). Show the project and go over it again and again just to be sure that you were properly understood.

  • Installation

Installing the kitchen cabinets is also quite hard and complicated and as long as it should be done right from the first time, you’d better really on the professionals again. Help from you is not unnecessary. Feel free to learn, to help and to be fully involved in the installation but doing it entirely on your own is not recommended.

  • Unexpected 

The cleaning after the installation. It takes surprisingly much time, it is hard and tiring, it is complicated and it needs you fully focused, knowing what you’re doing and prepared. The cleaning can even be dangerous for your health if you are not wearing all the safety equipment that is a must according to the safety organisations – gloves, goggles, mask. However, if you think that you’ve spend enough time designing and installing the kitchen, for the cleaning procedure you can also hire professionals. The kitchen cleaners in London are experienced and work fast and accurate. They clean commercial kitchens, big house kitchen, apartment kitchens etc. Hiring one of these means having quality cleaning and fast results.

So, you can save money creating your Self-Made kitchen. This way you will have the design, the features and the look that you want and that you need.

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1 Comment

  1. Hey Emma,
    I got your site at the correct time as I am going to renovate my kitchen soon. I didn’t want to spend much on it though, your idea of making the design by yourself is not easy but certainly going to save money in my case. The information is really helpful, thanks for reaching out and sharing this with us.

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