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Shocking Facts About Home Cleaning

Most people think that cleaning services are a piece of cake and they know everything on the topic. In fact, the truth is quite the opposite. Here are some spicy facts that cleaning Furzedown confided with us that will make you change your mind:Did you know that:

– 80% of all domestic cleaning products registered with EPA are not tested for toxicity.

– This is why you better make sure that your domestic cleaning maid buys only environmentally friendly chemicals.

– Most cleaning companies in Britain have a money back guarantee for their end of tenancy cleaning services. – Ask for it every time you are booking someone.

– Sodium hydroxide which is the main ingredient of most bleaching products causes liver and kidney problems.

– Avoid using it as much as you can.

– The best home for microscopic specimen to live in your home is not your bathroom that you scrub so carefully every week but your upholstery.

– That is why it is so important to get your living room furniture and carpets steam cleaned at least once per year.

– A hairspray may not fix your hair forever but it definitely has the power to remove stains from your walls and ceilings.

– So what are you waiting for: get one and use it when your kid draws something on the wall. It works even on wallpapers.

– It is amazing how wooden laminated floors look so worn out only after a year. Here’s the secret: you don’t need to book buffing services that often you just need to stop mopping them. Use a dry or slightly damp piece of cloth to clean it and spray with the same cleaning product you are using for your wooden furniture. It’s a common mistake that people just don’t treat their property with a good care.Cleaning Gidea Park also shared a few tips on reducing the time for the cleaning but this will remain their professional secret. If you want to get some hints on that you better call them for some free advice.

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