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Posted by on Mar 13, 2013 in Guests' Posts | 1 comment

The Kindergarten Dispute

It is quite modern these days for some parents, especially the more unconventional thinking ones, to try to educate their kids alone. These people have very little trust in the system and truly believe that they can do better. Actually, they have a point on that one. Their doubts in the actual effects of the public education system are not without solid cover. Therefore, these people try to keep their kids more at home, give them the amount of knowledge they believe is worthy and this way they build an individual really different and unique. This of course, cannot be a bad thing, i think. However, there are people who argue and claim that such type of education is not good for the kids. They also have point here. We are social creatures and our kids, want it or not, must become part of the society one day. So, living in isolation for too long cannot be a completely positive experience too.

In order to lighten up this dispute, today i will try to write some of the pros and the cons of the kindergarten and its alternatives. Hopefully, this should give you one more, additional perspective of the problem and therefore you will make a bit more informed decision. 

  • The benefits of the kindergartens:

Improving in the socialising of the kid. Even though this may sound silly to you but the kids also have their social circles and they live in them. The kids that live in a social environment like the kindergartens, build the ability to communicate and collaborate with other kids. They learn to make compromises and learn that they cannot and must not always be first and best in everything, anywhere and on any price. This is especially useful for children that have no brothers and sisters. They are used to be the only one benefited and they can hardly share anything. (Most of the time, but not always, of course. We generalise here in the interest of science)

Health improvement is another benefit from the kindergartens. Of course, at the beginning your kid will be sick more often than before but with the time this will change. Strengthening the immune system takes time but the best way to do it is to leave the kid with the other kids. A scientific research showed that kids that grow in communities are 30% less likely to suffer from leukaemia. The reason, according to the “smart heads”, is the strong immune system that these kids build thanks to the many illnesses and viruses they are exposed to in the kindergartens.

The education of the kid can be improved in the kindergartens thanks to the teachers who often work there. This is a wonderful preparation for school.

Tip: if you decide to teach the kid in your home and try to make him/her learn more than the rest this may have an opposite, bad effect. The reason is that when the school begins, the kid will already know what is being thought and will be bored. This may decrease the amount of focus. However, this situation must change at the moment when all of the kids keep up with his/her knowledge. At that point the kid should start learning along with the rest. However, sometimes the kids believe that they know more then the other and simply miss the moment when they have to start learning again and they may fall behind. This is a real threat.

If you are not ready to be separated with your kid for too long, a compromise can be made. The kid can stay in the kindergarten just for several hours a day. This brings benefits too, so it is a good solution.

  • The disadvantages of the kindergartens:

The kid may find it difficult to socialise and this may effect its development later on. After all, these are the first seven and they are the most important. A negative mark on the social skills at that age may be very hard to overcome in the following years.

Sometimes the illnesses are not so harmless so you may face serious troubles curing him/her (fortunately, such situations are very rare).

With these several facts i really hope that your kid will receive the best no matter if you decide him/her to visit or not a kindergarten. And always remember that half of the information and the emotions can be received at this place but the rest come from the family environment and this is really where we form ourselves. Therefore, focus your work and positive behaviour on your family and the results will be wonderful. 

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  1. Nice Post!! Kids are very innocent by love and care we can mould them in anyway as you want. Kindergarten is a good idea for the kids and everything has its pros or cons. I think with lots of love and care it will impact positively. Thanks for these amazing tips and information. I really want to share it on twitter with my friends.

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