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The Various Applications Of Alcohol

Most people tend to use rubbing alcohol for medicinal purposed without realizing that it has much more applications, especially when it comes to maintain our household in a good shape.

If you have spilled nail polish on your wooden floor for instance do not rush in calling the cleaners or using floor cleaning machines. Instead apply some rubbing alcohol on the affected area and in a couple of minutes the stain will be gone. This trick also works on laminate floors. Unlike acetone the rubbing alcohol won’t damage the surface of your floor.

Seasoned gardeners use rubbing alcohol to clean their gardening tools. According to them rubbing alcohol neutralizes plant diseases as long as you disinfect your tools with it. Otherwise certain plant diseases can’t be transmitted from one plant to another.

When it comes to window cleaner, rubbing alcohol is the world champion. You can either use the alcohol on its own or mix it with water. In both cases your windows will be crystal clean once that you are done.

Mobile devices tend to harbor a lot of harmful particles. However people are afraid to clean them because they don’t want to damage them. An easy way to clean mobile devices is by using rubbing alcohol pads. The alcohol will pick up all the harmful particles and will add a shiny look to your cell phone or tablet.

So you have marked your floor with permanent marker. Instead of using floor cleaning machines try applying some rubber alcohol first. To do that just damp a cloth in some rubbing alcohol and rub the marker stain. After a few minutes you will notice that the mark is gone.

Mix rubbing alcohol with distilled water. Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle and sprinkle it on a cloth and wipe the electronics clean. Never sprinkle the mixture directly on the electronics as you can damage them.

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