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Tips for Persuading People

How can we stimulate anyone to do something? Why are we doing what we do? It is always because of the benefits. However, sometimes the reward isn’t a physical gift or money but satisfaction for doing random good to random people. No matter what the reason is, we do what we do because it makes us feel better in one way or another.

Today I’ll tell you about the different methods for rewarding!

This video shows how a monkey becomes angry because she wasn’t rewarded in the same way as the other other one. Here, the matter isn’t about hunger because the monkey throws the food away but it’s about equity. Human beings feel the same way in similar situations. We want to be rewarded for our efforts and when the prize isn’t equal to the one others receive for the same actions, we experience insufficient appreciation.

When educating our kids or manage people in a company, always reward equal actions the same way. Try to deliver a reward fast enough. People like to see the results of their actions right away. If someone have done a great job, reward him/her soon enough. Also, if you’ve promised a bonus for a certain action, full fill your promise. This builds up people’s trust on you.

  • Does it really work?

Do you remember how we teach kids to walk? We give them specific targets and encourage them to reach them. If we implement the idea of action and reward and multiply it, we can make someone walk a specific path entirely pointed by us. You can try this with your kids by making them clean around. Make it like a game and reward them and they will help with the carpet and kitchen cleaning.

  • The Exceptions

It’s not a good idea to reward your kids for everything. They have to learn and work hard in school not because the new mobile phone that you’ve promised but because they realise gaining knowledge is useful for them. In some cases, usually the most significant and important one, you need to change the persuading method. You need to have them convinced and sure in the benefits of their actions.

Hopefully these tips will help you in your communications with your family, your co-workers and yourself.

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