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Posted by on Jul 25, 2013 in Carpet and Floor Care | 2 comments

Top 5 Carpet Cleaning Tips

How much do you care about the look of your home? Do you want it fresh, ordered and clean? If that is the case you should start with the carpets. Surprisingly enough, the carpet cleaning can be a quite complicated procedure that needs a combination of more than one specific approaches and techniques in order for the positive results to be achieved. Here are the tops 5 cleaning steps that each cleaning procedure should include:

1. Cleaning the back of the carpet

Get a beater bar or a rotating brush and use it on the back of the carpet. This should push the dirt away from the bottom of the carpet’s fibers or at least move it. Then, simply flip the carpet to its right side and vacuum again. That procedure should give you the clean results wanted. For synthetic carpets it would be better if you clean from both sides with the brush.

2. The fringes – you’d better clean them by hand instead of using the vacuum. Vacuuming the tassels may damage them so fluff them by hand instead.

3. Well picked cleaning solutions

Always, no matter what kind of cleaning do you perform, mind the solutions that you use. The chemicals are usually made for cleaning synthetic materials. Because of that it would be much wiser to check the label on the bottle before taking advantage of any cleaner. If you are not sure about the cleaning force that the solution has and about the eventual consequences, test the solution first on a hidden area. Never put all your eggs in a single basket by pouring the cleaner directly over the carpet. You can also make a test if you spray some of the cleaner over a towel and see if the colors will bleed or run.

Make sure to rinse the cleaning solutions well. If you don’t do that the carpet will attract more dirt later on. It stays sticky and the dust and the dirt simply will stick to the carpet.

4. Speed

As with everything else the speed of your reaction is crucial. The faster you clean the better the results will be. According to the type of the spillage you must blot or scrape it.

– get a white, 100% cotton towel and press over the spill as hard as possible. It will absorb most of it. Don’t rub at this point as this will cause the spillage to reach deeper into the fibers and the stain will become extremely hard to clean.

If the spillage is milk care must be taken to rinse the area thoroughly with mild detergent and water to prevent souring of the residue. For red wine spills, equal parts of 10% hydrogen peroxide and Dawn liquid dish soap should be used. Apply the solution on a towel and clean with it.

5. Pets

Wonderful, nice, friendly, cute etc. However if they pee on something the smell is absolutely terrible and we must do something about it. Mixing some white vinegar and water will deal with the smell right away. Some professional cleaners like even recommend such solutions as they are green and completely safe.

So, just having a nice carpet isn’t enough as it should be well maintained. I hope that with these tips given by professional carpet cleaners Mortlake the maintaining will be easier and the final results will be better.

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  1. A really well written post.

    We currently run a carpet cleaner information site and must admit that I want to start reviewing organic cleaning methods as well.

    Very good for improving the overall health of your carpet and home, especially the Healthy home model which features Microban, which prevents mould and mildew from forming in your carpets and rugs.

    Good stuff

  2. I was looking around at tips on carpet and whole house cleaning. Paying a cleaner every couple months is getting old and we are looking for tips on making it easier for my wife and I to do so. Thanks for the article

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