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Top 5 Trend Misconceptions

The 21 century is the time when anyone, anywhere tries to sell anything. Should we buy it or we should stick to the brands we know well, that are well established on the market? Why we are ready to spend more on a product knowing clearly that something else is better? What pushes us to buy brands but not products? Why iThings are more expensive, better selling and more popular than most other similarly good products?

All these questions popped up in my head after a conversation with a friend of mine. She is a “brand slave”. She said she’ll buy the new iPhone no matter if it is better than the other products on the market or not. Then i asked her about the characteristics of the machine – she knew none. She knew the brand name and that was enough for her to spend.

I asked myself WHY? What makes us irrational even though we are spending our own money?

So, here are the top 5 misconceptions about the trendy things of the day:


1. Famous does not mean better

The fact that the people are talking about something means nothing about the product itself except that it is famous in some way. There may be much better, innovative and cheaper products but they may not catch the same amount of attention and therefore you may not know about them. This is what makes a marketer brilliant. That is why one of the most expensive brands in the world is “Apple”. It is not the product, it is not the technology, the shops, the design or anything, It is the charisma of the founder of the company. This man made us all believe that what he does changes the world and we must pay more for that change. So we did it. Was he right? Not really sure!

In order to be honest, we should agree that the first iPhone was game changing, but most products after it were not and companies like Samsung caught up fairly quickly. However, the prices of “Apple” products are high even today and probably will stay this way for a long period of time.

2. Expensive means better? Or is it?

The simple fact that something is more expensive doesn’t mean that it is better. What it means is that the product is being sold for more money and that’s it. The best marketers know well that even being poor, we prefer spending a bit more on a product, believing that we are buying a better product and are saving money and troubles later.

3. This brand means quality

For most products that are expensive this is true. There are boutique products that have great quality and spending more on them is reasonable. However, when talking about mass produced products, it’s hard to claim that one or another product is times better. Usually, a certain unit is good or bad, a model can be good or bad but saying that all of the products of a certain company are better than the rest is not only hard, it’s impossible.

4. Everybody does it, it must be a good thing

Really? Do you seriously suggest that if many people do something, it should be a good and sensible one? Is it so hard for us to accept that big number of people can also make mistakes. That the masses can be manipulated. Next time when you see many people purchasing something, doing a certain thing etc. at least ask why or what are they doing, before blending in. Do not think that you cannot live without a computer.

5. I need what they sell to me

I think this is a major one. Do we know what do we need from a product? What sort of characteristics it has to have? Let’s take the smartphones for instance. They have quad core processors, 64 GB of memory, amazing cameras etc, but do we really need that. Of course, we can use it because we have it, but do we need it. Let’s go even further – think about the number of applications that you use. The amazing army of gadgets on your disposal and be honest to yourself – how much of it do you really use. A bit of internet and social networks, rarely making pictures, sometimes listening to music and making a few calls a day. Do we really need the machines that they are selling to us? I would like to leave that to you to decide.

Hopefully, after this small article you will think twice before buying the most expensive, trendiest product on the market simply because the other people do it. Think what you really need and then spend money.

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