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Top 5 Ugly Sides of Paris


Have you ever been to Paris? Do you want to go there? Well, i have and what i saw was pretty different form what the post cards, the great videos online and the movies tell us about this place. It is all there – the tower, the arch etc, but they are not what most people are really amazed by. These are see-sights which you can visit in 15 minutes and the rest of the time, Paris unplugged, the way it is, is what you are looking at.

So, what are the unseen or at least rarely seen, sides of Paris?


Most tourists will rarely see the different neighbourhoods They are too far, not that shiny and amazing. These are the places where the people live, where are the traffic jams and where many of the problems are. Paris, even though you may not believe it, is a city that has its problems and considering that it has over 5 million citizens you can easily say that the problems are seriously big.

  • Beggars

    Unfortunately, as in every other city these people are on the streets asking for money. They really look desperate, really. Some of the women, because most of the beggars are women, are not even looking at you. They are in special position like they are praying and only their hand is spread forward. They leave it up to you to decide, if you are or not going to give them money.
Of course, as every other tourist i decided to help. This is what each of us does, because we think that the life may not be as good to them as it is to us. However, my friend, who lives in Paris for many years now, told me not to. Of course, i said “No, you do not understand! These people are poor and do not have food to eat.”
He on his turn, asked me “do you really believe that in city like Paris, where the whole world is stuffed in one place, where huge companies have their headquarters, where one of the richest people in the world live, these people cannot find a job? Do you think that these people are really so unfortunate that in a million people city, they cannot work for their money?” After this, i was speechless, he was right. These people are there to beg and not to work, so i decided not to give them money.


  • Crowds
Crowds under Eiffel Tower

Even though i was in Paris for Christmas, the city was full of people and i can say, a bit too much for my taste. We know what Paris looks like on cards etc. – nice music, French bread, nice coffee. However, this is not true. Paris is a megapolis, full of people, usually in a big hurry. The city may have the spirit and the charisma but it is not that Paris that many people are dreaming of. It is too busy, fast, crowded these days.

  • Cafeterias
Cafeteria in Paris

Maybe one of the biggest misconceptions about Paris. Well, they really look wonderful, but do you know what is it like to sit in one of these small chairs, on one of these small tables. IT IS NOT COMFY AT ALL! It is hard to move, you can turn your cup, very easy and you have nowhere to put your legs, if you are a bit taller, like myself. So, look at them, smile at the waiter but if you are about to visit one of these, keep in mind that you will not stay for long, you simply won’t be able to.


  • Seine’s Smell
The Smell of Seine

I prefer not to go in depth about that, so see what a guy with username “bjorndalen” from TripAdvisor has to say on the topic:

“Walking along the Seine could be a delightful experience if it wasn’t for the horrible smell of urine all the way along from Notre Dame to the Eiffel Tower. It was so bad we had to walk on the road but even there the smell was bad.”


  • French

No matter where in the world you go, the people will always try to talk to you, to make you feel comfortable, to understand you, but not in Paris. Here, literally everything is written in French and if you have no idea of the words’ meaning, like i do, then you’d probably need someone to help you with all the signs, recommendations, menus etc. Paris is a huge city, visited by millions, but the French people believe that everyone must know their language, which is not true.

So, these are the top 5 things i did not like about Paris. There are tons of things i did actually. The views, the bakeries, the museums, the churches, the architecture. But it was not all perfect i thought you may need to know that.

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