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Top House Cleaning Tips

Cosy House

Living in a big or small house can really be difficult the same way as it can be pleasant and a wonder of modern life. The more space, furniture and objects we have, the harder it is to clean the place and so to keep its look proper. This means dealing with the mess around harder, simply because we are richer. So, know that becoming rich and successful also has its disadvantages. It means less spare time and complicated cleaning, awarded sometimes with huge expenses for the broken things around the place, suddenly fallen on the ground during the procedure .

So, how to clean the whole house easy?

  • Try to figure out how clean you want your house to be and therefore what kind of time and efforts you are ready to put in these particular actions. The higher your expectations and needs are, the harder it will be and the more time it will take.
  • Never overestimate yourself.
  • Try to be honest to yourself and to know what you are really willing to do.
Wooden Interior

So, dusting is a good starting point for the cleaning. It has several advantages over any other start of a cleaning procedure. It allows for the whole house to be well observed and analysed so that the rest of the cleaning will be much easier and faster. It is also a good way to maintain a home cleanness status above the average. During the dusting, every house cleaner – professional or not, lifts many things, moves and performs small cleaning procedures which are all very insignificant if considered separately, but as a combination, the results of them are astonishing. The removing of the dust is also a point from which a much more wide and comprehensive rubbish and dirt removing procedure can be started.

Dusting tips:

dusting window ledges takes a few minutes but still, the cleaner must move up all blinds and curtains.

baseboards cleaning – even if everything else has been cleaned and its shiny as the queens crown, the dusty baseboards will stick out and can literally ruin the whole point of cleaning – the sheer nice look of the things. So, in order to skip the “that moment” the boards must be cleaned and well.

patio doors – they are must because they are pretty visible and although, the nose prints from our pets are extremely cute and touchy, cleaning them as well is a must. It must be considered a dirt just as much as every other piece of unwanted substance in the house.

Dusting is Important

All of the other areas that cry to be cleaned we can simply call basic areas. They are the one that must be cleaned but we already know about them, so that it is very unlikely to miss their cleaning.

The Bathroom – even though this part of the house is not considered extremely important and particularly dirty and even though some professional cleaners like these here are convinced that the keyboard of the computer is much dirtier than the toilet, which i believe it is, we must focus well when dealing with the dirt here.

The tiles and the joints of the tiles are very likely to catch mould pretty easy, so their cleaning is important. A good solution here is the white vinegar, which except for cooking is good for cleaning too.

The vacuum cleaning, if performed properly of course, can deal with almost all of the dust and the dirt inside an average home. The latest models of vacuum cleaning machines have these special HEPA filters installed so that the dust, the germs and all of the “bad things” inside the carpet, couch or any other upholstery can be captured for good. These filters are also good for people whose house hosts an allergic person.

The kitchen is the last place in the house which we will cover today. It is also one of the most important as the cleanness here means hygiene and this means health. Therefore clean fridge, floor, sink etc. are all part of the whole hygiene idea.

One With Nature

With some of these tips helpful to you, i really hope that we will all have better looking homes easier now. 

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