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Top Quotes of Jeremy Clarkson on Females

Many people dream for a new job. We all want to win the “best job in the world” competition, to lie on the beach, to drink cocktails and to relax, making money easy and with more pleasure than any time. However, it turns out that the majority of the Brits simply dream for different things. It appears that we are the kind of people that simply do not sit still, waiting for the sun to caress us on the face. Exactly the opposite actually. We are active, we don’t like to wait and we like everything done now, sometimes even when this isn’t possible. Following this logic, it is not surprising that the most wanted job on the island is the one of Jeremy Clarkson.

Who Is Jeremy Clarkson and why he is any important?

He is a TV presenter and motor journalist. He is the main driving force behind the most successful TV show on the planet – TopGear. This man drives the best, newest, fastest and most exotic cars in the world. On top of all, he allows himself to criticise and to complain about cars that cost around million euros. Well, that kind of man really works what he wants and does what he likes to do. This is why so many people dream about his job.

Not a Stupid Man

So, famous with his language Jeremy Clarkson always have something to say and his best quotes about women are here! They show his attitude towards women and give examples of what a real, macho-man must talk about the ladies.

“The problem is that television executives have got it into their heads that if one presenter on a show is a blonde-haired, blue-eyed heterosexual boy, the other must be a black Muslim lesbian.”

He said that according to him, these days, in every single action, in every single program that is on TV, there should be as bigger as possible range of viewers covered. Also none should be offended in any way, even by not being mentioned. This of course, is something i agree completely. If you go and see some of the movies made in the US, which i hate 99% of the time, there are always black people in white communities, even when their place is obviously not there and white people in the black community. Well, in the real world the number of such people is small, but in the movies, they should be “politically correct”. Obviously politically correct means lying, but anyway.

“Driving fast is easy”

Mr. Clarkson thinks that women are capable to be F1 drivers. Despite the fact that most female drivers were not brilliant, he thinks that most men drivers are far from brilliant too. He thinks that “they have about as much desire to win as your average koala”. So, as that settled down, we can suggest that Mr. Clarkson not only have nothing against women as a whole but he likes them and most importantly respects them.

Here is another proof of the great respect of Mr. Clarkson towards women – “In essence you have to play a simple version of space invaders while doing sums, answering questions, and remembering sequences of letters and numbers that flashed onto the screen from time to time. I was rubbish. All men are rubbish apparently. Only women can do it. Which means women would do well in F1.”

TopGear is a program that has series only about women, there are many women in “star in a reasonably priced car” section and let’s not forget – Mr. Clarkson lives with more than one woman in his place. He has daughters and his wife, so that he knows better than many men that the real man, must have a women next to him.

Did i say anything wrong, AGAIN?!?

Another great example of how the men can do not many without their halfs, is the trailer of the latest series where three women were washing the clothes of James May, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond. This shows that these men realise that while they are having fun, someone is doing the hard job. Fortunately, they had no problems with that video unlike many others.

So, what was my point here? I wanted to say that even the man with the most wanted job in the UK, the one whose luck and life many are jealous about respects women deeply and has no doubts in their extreme qualities. For the whole article of Clarkson on Women, check here.

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