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Waste Management – Individual’s or Institutional Problem?

Ever since the mass production of plastic, glass and paper packaging, the world has found itself in a bit of a waste pickle. Individuals and businesses allow themselves the privilege to recklessly dispose of
rubbish in cities and natural environments alike relying on institutions to solve it eventually. Institutions on the other hand do not normally deploy vast resources for cleanliness’ sake since a polluted urban or rural environment is primarily a concern for the local populace. The latter is therefore to seek ways to prevent litter and piles of larger rubbish to come about in the first place.

Individuals mainly opt to wish the trash away so to speak. They blank it out. Pretend it’s not there, hence why it has gotten as bad as it does in some parts of the world. We can easily observe pictures of places covered in trash top to bottom, streets littered beyond the wildest of imaginations and so on and so forth. It has gotten quite horrific in some parts of the world. Worse in others, obviously. Who is there to blame – individuals or the government?

We can easily distinguish between three main categories of people responsible for isolated as well as mass scale pollution. Those rubbish creating groups are as follows: individuals, businesses and governmental institutions. Let’s delve a bit deeper into the reasons why these groups should and do come under constant fire when it comes to environmental protection and spreading needlessly copious amounts of trash around.


People don’t really care. It’s in a way a given fact of life. They do, of course but only about themselves and those closest to them. It’s hard to care for everyone and anyone and it might just be best to leave this huge and responsible task to the UN and Green Peace. So people scatter rubbish around whether oblivious of the environmental consequences or not. There is a bit of a differentiation we can make here. People who do know what will happen next… aka plastic is not biodegradable, ocean trash kills hundreds of thousand marine life and so on… pollute out of negligence mixed with carelessness. On the other hand, people unaware of the impact they create when tossing junk around will do so simply indulging further on their ignorance. They themselves may also not care even if presented the knowledge at some point. So, to wrap this whole paragraph up – individuals are bad. Period. No, wait a minute. Not all, but great many are.

When we speak of remedies and try to involve individuals in the process, we can immediately think of only marginal effects. Meaning, how much rubbish can a single person take off the street on a given day without this being his/her personal employment? Rather just a once-off mission with a righteous mind. Not much really. Individuals are unreliable when it comes to resolution of trash-related problems. What individuals could be useful for is what we can summarize as prevention mechanisms. Good thing is, we can now rely on rubbish removal carriers like Fantastic Waste Removal to deal with that extra waste.


For-profit organizations are famous with their garbage creating schemes to avoid having to pay extra taxes or transportation of waste to more meaningful facilities. The vast majority of world’s waste pollution can be attributed to corporations and factories of various sizes and scales of operation. Profits drive businesses crazy, hence the massive problem we have in many parts of the world.

Businesses however, do make efforts to help, to their credit. Corporate social responsibility programs are both a way to promote a given company as moral and conscious entity and at the same time provide society some value.


Governments try and clean up the mess. So far as good. But their efforts can only go so far really. Regular street sweep ups, taking the trash to landfills and recycling plants – that’s about it. Can we blame them for not doing enough? Maybe. But they are required, on an institutional level to make constant efforts to remedy the trash situation. So a small but constant effort is something we can definitely credit institutions for.


Rubbish in towns and natural environments is a serious problem, causing many species to go extinct. We further pollute our own habitat, our air, water and soil which in turn will bite us back in the form of various diseases so we need to make sure all – individuals, businesses and organizations make the necessary steps to prevent and clean rubbish.

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