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Weird and Expensive Fashion Trends

The Most Expensive Painting in the World

Style being a kind of art is one of the most complicated things to understand. It is one of the most expensive commodities these days. The most expensive paintings in the world cost over $100 000 000 which by anyone’s standards is a lot of money. Despite the ridiculous prices, obviously the prestige of owning a piece of art by one of the biggest names is worth the money because the prices are constantly rising and there are always people ready to spend that extra several hundred thousand dollars for something they clearly do not understand.

What are the weirdest and most expensive pieces of style – jewelery, clothes etc., that money can buy?

Haute Couture

The main idea of the designers here is to expand the borders of their imagination. They want to create something new, to experiment, to provoke. This is how big part of the society can be stimulated to think. They want to make the people braver and not afraid to experiment wisely with their outfit. Being dressed like everybody means being one of everybody, a piece of the puzzle noone recognizes. This is especially true for the people who do not know you. Making strong impression needs you to be dressed properly. The fashion world however, except being amazingly creative, is a world of speculation and hypocrisy. The people care a lot about the rumours and the opinion of the rest of the society about them. The world of rich and famous is small and it contains mostly other rich and famous. Being excluded by this elite club means losing a lot of your business contacts and your legitimation among other of the same breed. Because of that complicated way of life, a lot of artists and stylists decided to play the game and to make some money simply by selling dreams and names. Louis Vuitton is the best example of selling a brand more than selling products. Some of the bags the house designers create are not creative in any reasonable way. They are made fast, without much care, research etc. ( the designers call it “emotional” implementation of thoughts in the art but i think it’s neglecting the details). However, because of the badge the prices usually hit the skies. The price of a Louis Vuitton bag can reach up to $50 000 which is the kind of money you can spend on a house in an average developed country.

Haute Couture

Style follows function

A tailor in Bogotá Colombia creates clothes that are bullet proof but beautiful at the same time. The idea about looking well is in the core of the products but mixed with the lifesaving purpose of the clothes. They should be comfortable, to look nice and to be absolutely safe at the same time.  this video tells a lot about the person and the idea of its work. Al the popular politics and starts can have their bulletproof vests on ut they want to look well in the same time and not to attract attention. That is why they are ready to spend that little much extra to have style, look and safety all in one piece of clothes.


A jeweler once said that there always be customers for a one million dollar watch and he is right. The rich people will never disappear and if you succeed in creating a brand respected and wanted from these people sooner or later you yourself will become one of them. The trick is to make your brand exclusive, highly qualitative and a synonym of style and good taste.

Antiques(old cars)

One of the rarest, most expensive and exclusive “pieces of style” are the antiques. These can be old pieces of jewellery  cars, paintings etc. The main thing about them is that they are rare and this makes them very expensive. On top of it all, if the concrete piece of art had been part of big and significant part of the history, its price goes even higher. A coin cut by a Roman emperor even though it may be made of copper etc. is more expensive than a gold one because of the history behind it and history is what shapes the character of the object.

Antique car

If you have other ideas about objects that cost millions and are very hard to find but are never left without potential buyers, please share.

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