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Posted by on Apr 29, 2013 in Cleaning & Organising | 0 comments

Weird Cleaning Facts

It is a fact that simple things like daily chores are sometimes really annoying and boring. However, some people still do them with pleasure. So, today i will tell you about several weird cleaning facts that i found on-line. I know that some of them are shocking, but all of them are true!

1. Guinness World Record for cleaning

Such thing exists, even though i personally do not see the point, but whatever. In a window cleaning competition in Blackpool in UK a man Terry Burrows cleaned the windows fastest and won the prize – World Record Holder. More info here and see the video of the record here!

2. The world’s lowest salary

Two women who used to clean toilets in India received a bit over $100 each for 40 years of cleaning. More information you can find here.

3. Weird Cleaning tips

There are things that we can do without spending a lot of money and without putting too much efforts. You can literally be amazed by the huge quantity of usages of simple things like potatoes, vinegar etc. The things that we find in our homes can be really, really useful. more here

4. We use less and less energy in the things that we do these days. Professional BBQ cleaners from London know that and like it quite a lot and that is why they were very interested in these grill cleaning machines. A video of how they perform the job, see here.

So, the cleaning is a small daily chore that we all hate but obviously some people are capable to find something interesting and catchy even in that, which i personally cannot do and actually do not want to do.

Have a nice day, i hope you like the article.

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