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What do Women Really Want

What the women want? A question as old as the world but still hanging with no answer. Why is it so hard to answer it? What is so complicated and is there a solution? This is what we will try to answer today.

  • Men

The most normal thing in the world is for the women to have different taste on men. However, most women want men who are everything at the same time. We want our men to be kind but not too much. We want them to be strong and to protect us, but not too much. We want them to listen to us and to do what we say, but not always. The perfect man should know when a woman is weak so to offer support and help. In the very same time the man should allow the woman to be emancipated, to rule and to feel the power in her hands. Of course, women also want to be weak. We like it. We like the idea of the strong man who’s protecting us and is always next to us when we need him. What kind of man he should be? That’s a tough one to answer and even more to find! That is why some men say that each woman needs a funny, strong and kind man or she needs a clown ninja!

  • Ugly men

We want men who look good but in the same time have the bad look.This macho man feel is amazing. I think some rock stars are the right example of what women want. Look at Slash. This man is amazing. He is sexy, he is bad, talented, not showing off and still he has so much style and presence. On top of all, he is filthy rich.

  • Kind men

We want them to be gentle and to listen to us BUT deep inside, we want a man who does what he wants. We want the sort of man who says : this and that will be done this way because i say so!” or “We will go there because i want to” etc. We want to see that the man next to us has will and is not afraid of anything.

  • Muscles

Of course they are “good to have” but again, not too much. We want them there, we want to see them and feel them, but we do not like Mr. Olympia, cause that is too much.

  • Lovers

That is something we will talk about other time.

  • Career VS Family

Well, we want it all! We realise that it’s something that the commercials created in order to make us believe and aim success. We think that we must be wonderful parents, great in our careers, gentle, smiley, understanding, sexy etc. Is that possible? Can we be all these at the same time? I think not. I also think the men don’t want that from us. Most men want a woman who is lovable. They want someone to trust to. That’s it! Most of them are ready to give something away for the beloved one and if we are smart enough to understand that, we will have it all for us.

  • How to combine them all tips?

One after another. Start with the career. Achieve something. Give birth to kids. Be happy and watch them grow. Live for the moment. Is that so hard? Should we always think about the consequences of everything. Should we plan everything every time? Pick something that suits now, that makes YOU happy and do it.

  • Friends

With all the engagements, our agenda is usually stuffed. Do we have time for friends? Of course we do, or at least we must do. No matter how hard it is, we must not forget who are the people that love us and who support us. These are our friends. Never forget them.

So, after this small article i hope every man and woman will be a step closer to the ultimate knowledge – what the women want?

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