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Why is Education So Important

Rome was one of the greatest empires ever created. The people of Rome achieved immense development in spheres like law, politics and culture. The engineering marvels made at that time are still visible today and even more, some of them are still used – 2000 years later. Obviously, the great potential of human civilization was properly used at that time. Unfortunately, after the great raise comes the great fall. Rome experienced that too. Moral, education, respect, lack of greed – all of these were forgotten and that lead to the end of the empire.

  • Why am I saying all that?

If you think outside the box and try to see the modern empires which are pretty much here today, you’ll realize that a few countries like UK, USA, Germany, Japan and France were the locomotives of human prosperity during the last decades. At the moment we see how things change. The most educated and already richer people live in Asia and that’s not a coincidence. The western countries suffer from low education and moral. Popular music, the understanding that you are born rich and you don’t need to work, the huge respect to materialistic values over spiritual ones lead to greed and greed is bad. Greed doesn’t work.

  • Education

The first point which I want to make clear is what I see as education. Personally, education is learning about life. It’s the fundamental which we all need in order to become better in our lives. Therefore education is not something you can learn entirely from books. Education means knowledge in maths, geography, literature, science but it also means spiritual growth. Education is when our parents teach us to love work and not to be lazy. Education is when we learn to respect other people and cope with them. Education is when we realize how important our body health is and work for it. All these and many more are education.

  • What if?

If we neglect it all and try to close our eyes in the face of problems, we’ll be able to slow the process but will not prevent it. If we want our entire world to become a better place, we should educate ourselves and our kids. They should know that they have rights. Education means freedom. And today this is more true than ever.

What can we work if not educated?

According to even the professional carpet cleaners need a specific education. Practically you can do nothing if you’re not well educated. The professional cleaners hire only people which are well aware of the cleaning methods, solutions and specific materials. That because they try to achieve high level of satisfaction to their clients.

So, obviously education is hugely important and we will never know everything. Therefore we all must learn our whole life if we want to become better.

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